Power-Coaching in Berlin and Online

I coach people around self-development and creativity.
Those fields include and can be used for different specific areas, for example

to find and expand your Calling,
Enjoy more Joie de Vivre,
Develop and sharpen your goals,
Professional Advancement,
Financial Progress,
Self-development and Purpose of Life
Creativity and much more.

My focus is on growing your awareness into the direction of your calling, expanding it and harmonizing your outer and inner self.
That is the creative process in my coaching.

So when you’re facing important decisions
don’t know exactly how to proceed,
or how you can reconcile your everyday needs with your yearnings and talents –

Then you are perfectly right here!

So many people struggle in their decisions, because they donĀ“t align their directions with their core purpose of life.

In the coaching cycle you will identify your core goals and dreams and make them measurable and achievable.
You will replace your old sabotaging behavior patterns with new, inspiring and motivating tasks towards your goals and your self-fulfillment.
You will follow and celebrate your progress in the coaching cycle.

In over 90% you will achieve your goals.