About me – Power-Coach Karmen Jurela – Berlin

Eddi Hüneke / Berlin 2018

I had been a passionate dentist in my dental practice for over seventeen years when I accidentally started writing a book. An oversight that changed my life forever and took me on a journey to myself.

I became happy!

I realized that creative work is what makes us human. The more we suppress it, the more it hurts us, the more difficult it is to ignore this inner burning and blazing for conscious expression.

We resort to ever more dramatic excuses and create an often unhealthy, painful, or addictive environment that keeps us busy day and night and keeps us from our creative output.

I became a coach to support people in reviving their creative potential. 

I am convinced that if we live our creativity, we will live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives, even if all the odds are against it.

As a coach, I have subscribed to the International Coach Federation ICF’s Code of Ethics. In my coaching practice, I stand for the assumption that everyone has their answers and solutions within themselves and that everybody has everything necessary for an entirely fulfilling life.

Tickling and awakening those skills and resources in my clients gives me the greatest pleasure and is both an incentive and a challenge.

I call my way of coaching Power-Coaching because I have a range of different solution-oriented and highly effective techniques, such as hypnosis, mentoring, non-violent communication, therapeutic and creative writing, in addition to classic coaching.

Happy through Power-Coaching

With this set of tools, I experience impressive and lasting successes time and again. 

Formerly dissatisfied or unhappy people become happy, prosperous, and attain inner peace.

I see coaching as my supreme discipline – the heart of my work, to fully utilize and expand my clients´ power.