Power-Coaching in Berlin and Online

Where do you want to be in the next three, six or twelve months?
What if you could get your obstacles out of the way?

What if you could accomplish any goal?

Would you be ready to imagine that you can do all of this with the assistance of a coach who would encourage you to accomplish everything you committed to?
Then please let me tell you a little about my power coaching.

Coaching is a continuum of time and space in which you concentrate on both – achieving your goals and on removing all obstacles. It is a time of voluntary commitment in which your own steps towards your goals are measured, comprehensibly observed, evaluated and, if necessary, corrected or recognized.

Your coach also wants what you want.
Your coach wants you to succeed.
Your coach is not there to assess or classify your request. You do that yourself more than enough.
As a coach, I hear what you say and what you don’t say. The unspoken are often subliminal feelings, thoughts or prejudices, such as

I have no time for that,
now it doesn’t fit
I have no money for it
I’m not good enough
that will not work,
I am too old
I am too young
I’m not experienced enough
I’m not talented in it,
I can’t expect this or that, and surely not for the world to do what I wish

One of the most powerful tools of coaching is to expose and transform this persistent, destructive selftalk, and to throw these old limiting beliefs overboard.

Your coach believes that you have the perfect solution within you – for any issue that appears to be a problem.

In Coaching we convert the sabotaging prejudice “I don’t have time for this” into a problem-solving strategy:

What can I do to make up the time I need?
Who can support me to free up time?
How much time do I REALLY need to pursue my goal?
Where can I possibly save time so that I can put it into achieving my goals?
What would be the first, most important steps I can take to get the time I need?
What would my life look like if I had this time?
During coaching the clients often encounter old resources that they have forgotten, neglected or given up on.
Our brain is a perfect problem-solving machine, but it only works properly when it is allowed to. If these questions are no longer asked, because the assumption that there is no time anyway seems overwhelming, all attempts at solving the brain are blocked from the beginning, it then has no “access authorization” and does not become active.

Sometimes clients encounter old wounds and resistances that have not healed. Coaching can be an effective process in which old insults and traumas are recognized and resolved.

Therapeutic hypnosis, which can be used in the coaching sessions if necessary, is particularly suitable for resolving trauma. In hypnosis, the conflicts and problems are considered without the noise of the involuntary thoughts and feelings that we cannot consciously switch off when we are conscious, and the topics in hypnosis often look clear, simple and solvable. From there it is often only a matter of converting and implementing the insights into action steps.

We humans are naturally equipped so that we can use our awareness and values ​​to define exactly what we want and what we don’t want.
Coaching is a wonderful tool to get what we really want and what we don’t want along with our values ​​and our calling.

So what if you could still achieve your deferred goals?
What if you couldn’t fail?
Would you make that call?

If so, then give me a call or send an email to karmen@jurela.de