Writing and my first novel

Even before I realised that I was writing a novel I knew deep inside of me that I had found a track to my hidden and long neglected longing for Creative Expression.

In order to avoid to face this gap, I unconsciously dealt with other people’s issues: alcoholism and drug addiction as a recurring pattern, and through this I also became an expert in the fields of addiction, co-dependency and obsessive love.

I almost lost myself in subconsciously sabotaging the life that I always wanted to live deep within. Instead, I lived according to the supposed specifications of other people and traditions, to whom I accidentally had left the navigation of my life.

At some point it hurt excessively. Life was nothing more than survival.
And then my lesson seeped through to me – slowly and shyly, but very sustainably: “Girl, do what you want! Be creative! Live a meaningful life!”

The purpose of my life is to write, heal, and to inspire others to find out what they live for, what they get up for in the morning, and how they will fall asleep at night happy and relieved.


This resulted in my sexy claim:

“Inspire, heal, rewire!”

I am glad that I was able to discover the meaning of my life and my liberation from unnecessary and foreign beliefs about what my life should look like. For example, “once a dentist, always a dentist” or “once a difficult love relationship, always a difficult love relationship”.

Fortunately, that’s all past now.

Now I am wholeheartedly committed to helping other people discover, celebrate and live according to their deeper meaning of life.


Creativity, creative writing, creative designing of your own lifetime stands at the top of the list!

My second book, which I currently work on, is a cheerful guide and reason to keep a journal every day. A kind of self-coaching book, in which you choose your own development, decide and monitor.

The goal is, to get the readersto live their lives according to their calling. Finding it and then living that way is both, a daily challenge and daily fun.